Blessing Bags

This ministry is designed as a neighborhood outreach program. Church volunteers visit poverty stricken neighborhoods in our community and pass out bags full of weekend meals on Saturdays during the summer. The school-aged students who are recipients of these bags are students who qualify for free/reduced lunch during the school year, and many of these families are also recipients of snack pack programs that many schools in our county offer. Our county offers a nutrition van that sends out meals to these families on week days during the summer, but Blessing Bags helps to fill the gap on the weekend.

The Blessing Bags ministry exists to first assist the community with a physical need, but the end goal is so much more than that. The idea is for church volunteers to begin to develop relationships with people in the community, love as Jesus loved, and hopefully share Jesus with the un-churched. We’ve provided a list of the items to be donated, you can drop off your donations during the week at our church offices, and on Sunday mornings at the Blue Countertop.

Chef Boyardee: Mac & Cheese (microwavable cups)

Spaghetti & Meatballs (microwavable cups)

Granola Bars

Juice Boxes (100% juice)

Mini Water Bottles

Peanuts (small individual packets)

Peanut butter or cheese crackers

Apple Sauce (individual plastic containers)

Pretzels (small individual packages)

Raisin boxes

Instant Oatmeal Packages (flavored is acceptable)

White plastic cutlery (individual packaged sets)

Sanitary hand wipes

All of the items fit inside a gallon-sized zip-lock bag.

Each bag estimates a total cost of $2.77.
*Each child being served will receive two bags (a Saturday and a Sunday meal).