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Night to Shine

What is Night to Shine?
A worldwide, unforgettable prom night experience that is changing Valentine’s Day weekend from simply a celebration of love, to a celebration of God’s love for people with special needs. Guests will be honored with a friendly paparazzi red carpet, crowns and tiaras, corsages and boutonnieres, limo rides, games, dancing, food, photos and VIP treatment. The vision is to provide a night for our guests to shine and most importantly, for Christ’s love to Shine.

What is the Tim Tebow Foundation?
Created in 2010, this foundation and all of their outreach initiatives were primarily created to show God’s love to children around the world. To celebrate the foundation’s 5-year anniversary, they sponsored Night To Shine proms in 50 different cities across the country. The Foundation has five global outreach initiatives including the Tebow CURE hospital for children in the Philippines, fulfilling the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses through the W15H program, Timmy’s Playrooms in children’s hospitals around the world, care and Adoption Aid grants through the Orphan Care program, and service to others through Team Tebow and Team Tebow Kids.

Who is invited to Night to Shine?
This event is for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities ages 14 and up. Registration is limited to 300 participants, plus the volunteers and chaperones attending the event. The event is NOT open to the public.

Is there an admission charge?
No, the event is free!

Do guests need chaperones?
Our chaperones are called "buddies." Each guest will be accompanied by a buddy throughout the evening, providing companionship and any general assistance needed during the event. A guest may bring their own buddy or Southside Baptist Church will provide one. All buddies 18 years old and up will have passed a background check and have attended mandatory training at Southside Baptist. Parents or caregivers may accompany guests but are encouraged to enjoy a night of respite or join our Caregiver Event instead if at all feasible. We realize circumstances may prevent this from being possible.

What is the Caregiver Event?
Night to Shine is for you too! In order to HONOR the incredible parents/caregivers of our guests, you are invited to a special event happening on campus that night designed specifically for you. There will be food, entertainment, door prizes and more. Or you may choose to enjoy a time of respite off campus instead. This is YOUR night as well, so don't feel obligated to attend the Hospitality Event.

What is the dress code for Night to Shine?
Guests are invited to "dress their best" but renting formal wear is not nescessary.

What provisions will be made for the safety of guests?
Southside Baptist Church will have local law enforcement and church security personnel on campus at all times.

What about medical needs?
Southside Baptist Church will have numerous medical personnel and emergency vehicles on-sight during the entire event.